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Anniefoodyoulike is a company providing vegan and vegetarian meal prep for a wide range of customers. From clients who would like to maintain a healthy lifestyle but may not have enough time on their hands to prepare nutritious meals. Some of our clients are regulars at the gym but lack a healthy diet. So whether you want to loose weight fancy trying out a vegan diet or your at work all week and struggle to find time to eat healthy. Anniefoodyoulike are here to make your life simple you can order from the comfort of your home and have our personally selected meal preps delivered straight to your door.

• All meals are packaged in recyclable, sustainable, biogradable, microwaveable, eco friendly, leak proof 100% compostable trays.
• Selected for you by the staff at Anniefoodyoulike
• You are what you eat
• All produce is locally sourced

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