About Annie

So my vegetarian journey started 7 years ago. I had always struggled to eat meat even from a young age I remember asking my mum to cut up the meat and mix it up in my food so it couldn’t be seen. So as i got older i ate less and less meat. I then researched about the vegan /vegetarian diet and it seemed perfect for me.

I really enjoyed learning about all the benefits of each fruit and vegetables. I think there’s a lot of misconceptions regarding vegetarianism people are under the impression that we eat leaves (rabbit food) and all vegetarian food is bland… I’ve always considered myself to be a really good cook and loved foods with different flavours and spices. So when I became a vegetarian i was really passionate about making tasty vegetarian food that’s vibrant colourful and great presentation.

I started my food page and never really ever thought about making my food available to purchase i would just share my meals and i had a lot of interest of people wanting to taste my meals. I then thought it would be great way of showing a different side to vegetarianism I’m so happy that my meal preps are now available for everyone and you can enjoy tasty flavoursome vegan/vegetarian home cooked food.

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